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Newtonian Physics[edit | edit source]

Labs in progress[edit | edit source]

Classical Physics[edit | edit source]

Motion simple arithmetic quiz
Conceptual physics wikiquizzes
How things work college course/Waves (Physics Classroom)

Modern Physics[edit | edit source]

Quantum mechanics/Photoelectric effect
Quantum mechanics/Photoelectric effect/Quiz
Quantum mechanics timeline
Quantum mechanics timeline/Quiz

Physics in our lives[edit | edit source]

Industrial Revolution[edit | edit source]

quiz (based on the permalink to the Wikipedia article)

Nuclear power[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia:Nuclear_powerWikipedia Article
LEDE-HISTORY quiz           POWER PLANT - END quiz           (index)

Global warming[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia:Global_warming Wikipedia Article
Global warming quizzes (based on the permalink to the Wikipedia article)

Computer[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia:Computer (See also Wikipedia:Turing machine * Wikipedia:Busy beaver * Wikipedia:Halting problem * Wikipedia:Bombe) (Wikipedia articles)
Computer quiz
Turing machine quiz                     ...(index to these two computer quizzes)

The Antikythera mechanism[edit | edit source]

Antikythera mechanism/Quizzes
Wikipedia:Saros (astronomy)
Orbital mechanics/Saros/Quiz 1
Wikipedia:Ecliptic and Ecliptic/Quizzes/Gallery
Ecliptic/Quizzes/Quiz 1
Ecliptic/Quizzes/Quiz 2 Will not be on How Things Work (may move to Astronomy)

Appendix[edit | edit source]

Units under construction[edit | edit source]

Electricity and Field theory
Hunting the Elements (PBS NOVA)
Python journal
How_things_work_college_course/Conceptual_physics_wikiquizzes/Uniform_circular_motion Needs major rewrite.

Units that will not be used (move to Astronomy)[edit | edit source]

Why is the Sky Dark at Night/quiz
Quizzes converted to quizbank form
already converted====
  1. How things work college course/Conceptual physics wikiquizzes/Velocity and acceleration
  2. How_things_work_college_course/Motion simple arithmetic quiz
  3. Why_is_the_Sky_Dark_at_Night/quiz
  4. Quantum_mechanics/Photoelectric_effect/Quiz
  5. How things work college course/Quantum mechanics timeline/Quiz
  6. How_things_work_college_course/Industrial_Revolution_quiz
  7. How things work college course/Global warming quizzes
  8. How_things_work_college_course/Nuclear_power_quizzes
  9. How things work college course/Computer quiz
  10. How_things_work_college_course/Turing_machine_quiz
  11. Antikythera mechanism/Quizzes
  12. Orbital mechanics/Saros/Quiz 1
  13. Ecliptic/Quizzes/Quiz 1
  14. How things work college course/Waves (Physics Classroom)
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Free online resources[edit | edit source]