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In this example, the projects link to a root article .. they normally would link to a document in the instructor's user space.

Student WikiID Project 3 Current Task
Carreras, Christopher M. Tri-BotHack changing speed of motor based upon resistance change of light sensor
kristy.chahil Blood cooler story board this
Chiostri, Dominic E. Lab bench Documenting/exploring DR Drone/Xbox controller connection through VI
agashi5859 ComboLockPick arduino test code split into motor (direction, position), motor initializing, switch query, solenoid firing
jjewell6655 Lab bench Labview microphone finger snapping input and leap motion input, LCD computer screen lights going off and on
sej8926 ComboLockPick outlining software modules needed
Pghsound Lab bench Connecting arduino to vernier photogate and Lego NXT mindstorm
sharonlnchrs Tri-BotHack get 5th robot working
Evanm1993 Blood cooler mount photogate into pvc of current blood cooler, test air mattress pump
Mauricio Martinez Tri-BotHack fix motor in number 4 so goes both directions
MuzicMan60 Blood cooler Story board weight room and track test of blood cooler and reference/clean up fat/biology references in this
Nelson, Vishal Lab bench Connect Labview to the Microsoft Kinect work on team page