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This is an overview of engineering and technology learning projects instructor/student interactions and grading. A list of the projects can be found here.


Engineers are hidden from the public like precious jewelry whether working on military projects or commercial projects. Sometimes the engineering work is kept secret. Documentation is unique to the company and exists only for internal purposes.

This is a wiki. Everything on it is public. Everything here can be used for commercial purposes. The goal is to capture engineering project documentation and provide a method for grading it. The transparency and public nature of this documentation is unique. The goals of this engineering project documentation are:

  • Repeat success or failure by reading this documentation (not talking)
  • Others can jump in, find a starting point and push the project forward
  • Set starting point expectations, capture next steps and assume projects never end
  • Trust future people working on these project to join the wikiversity community and leverage/polish existing documentation
  • Evolve the documentation tools and organization so that it is attracts a growing community of people wanting to experience engineering projects

Below are issues associated with designing an environment for engineering projects within an educational organization.




The grading system should be set up so that a student that shows up to every class, participates in every group meeting, attempts to write in their notebook but contributes nothing gets a C. Here is a 2000 point grade system:

100 class attendance
400 seminar
400 assignments
250 weekly
250 notebook
200 presentations
400 projects

Assignments are graded by instructors after the due dates. Weekly memos are graded outside of class time at the beginning of each week before the first class. Notebooks are graded once a week, at any time, upon the initiative of the student during class. Experiments will begin fall 2014 with students grading presentations through clickers and cell phone apps. Projects are graded by instructors looking at proposed project documentation at three or four intervals during the semester.



Typical Syllabus

Next Steps[edit]

  • Increase number of schools/instructors using this
  • Get this published through NSEE
  • NSF Grants to spread this documentation format
  • Leverage to build projects in all engineering classes
  • Promote use by PLTW
  • Propose as high school/college freshman best practice to ABET and CDIO
  • Promote to wikiversity editors as best practice project documentation