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Instructor's activities in Wikipedia's General Engineering Projects


  1. Create a roster table with three columns: student, project and task. The student's name should be their wikiversity id and linked to their active weekly report. The project should link to the team's project page, so every student on the team links to the same page. The task should describe what the student is currently working on.
  2. Choose the 5 projects, and create a Version 3 project outline for each of them, or copy one from the General Engineering Category ... old projects need to be migrated to Version 3 format.

Initially put the students name in the table. Ask them to change it to their id and link to their current weekly report. Ask the students to put on the table their current task. Do this at the beginning of each project cycle.


  1. Check the roster table to see if students have updated it with their most current task.
  2. Visit student weekly report page and grade in the schools Learning Management System.