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This is an example Thumbnail Storyboard

Start with a close-up shot
In this example, we start with a side view. In this view we see the two people looking at something on the wall. Then we look at what they are looking at which is the movie poster.
From this storyboard, it is not clear if we should use a wide angle close-up short (above) or a telephoto close-up shot. (below)
SBTDS Close Up Telelphoto.jpg

Thumbnail Storyboard Example #3

The Thumbnail Storyboards for "Seduced by the Dark Side"

EXTERIOR - The local movie theater - NIGHT

Fade In
Cut To

(1) The Young Person and Old Person stand looking at the movie poster outside the theater.

  • I want to show the picture of the young person looking up above the camera at something very intently. I want very soft music to play which gives a dreamy quality to the scene. After 5 seconds I want to cut to the poster as viewed by the young person (that means a POV shot). As soon as I cut to the poster, I want very strong music of the "Star Wars" theme.

Cut To

(2) Young Person: "That was a great movie..."

  • Unlike storyboard Example 1 and Example 2, I want to get in close to the actors and the poster. I want to stay inside the green area on the floor plan. I want to always be between the poster and the actors.


(3) Young Person (contined): "but I do not understand one thing."

Cut To

(4) Old Person: "What's that?"

Cut To

(5) Young Person: "How can anyone be seduced by the Dark Side?"

Cut To

(6) The old person thinks for a while.


(7) Old Person: "What computer do you have at home?"

Cut To

(8) Young Person (eagerly): "A Macintosh!"

Cut To

(9) Old Person: "But what computer does your father use at work?"

Cut To

(10) The young person thinks for a moment.


(11) Young Person (amazed and excited): "Seduced by the Dark Side!"

Cut To

(12) The Old Person smiles.

Cut To
Zoom out

(13) Old Person and the Young Person walk toward home together.

(14) Fade to Black.

The End

Point Of Reference:

This scene was filmed inside the line. (Between the Poster and the Actors = In the green area).


The Floor Plan for the Movie
Thumbnail storyboard SBTDS Ugoglen 11.jpg

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