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Lesson[edit | edit source]

Lesson #009: Selecting the models for the animated version

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Wikiversity (English) Humanities Art and Design Fine Arts Film and Television Narrative Film Production Course #01 - Learning the Basics of Filmmaking WikiU Film School - Lesson #009: Selecting the models for the animated version Page 1 - DAZ 3D figures

Parental Warning: Possible Nudity.

Who DAZ ?[edit | edit source]

Zyogote (the father of DAZ 3D) created the models for Poser 3 and Poser 4.

DAZ has a free digital puppet animation program called "DAZ Studio".

DAZ has free figures for DAZ Studio.

Therefore, DAZ is a good place to start our search for digital puppets for the 3D storyboards and the animated movie.

Where DAZ[edit | edit source]

DAZ has two related website with various levels (mostly designed to confuse people, I think).

Start by looking at the main DAZ website at | Notice the two links to the FREE DAZ Studio and the FREE versions of Michael and Victoria.

Download DAZ Studio[edit | edit source]

To start, download the DAZ Studio User Manual PDF (3.77 MB).

Then, if you wish and if you have lots of disk space and a very powerful computer, you can download DAZ Studio. Notice that there are both downloads for Hi-Bandwidth and Low-Bandwidth. About 70 MB. Notice that they have had over of 211,000 downloads.