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Lesson #009: Selecting the models for the animated version
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Wikiversity (English) Humanities Art and Design Fine Arts Film and Television Narrative Film Production Course #01 - Learning the Basics of Filmmaking WikiU Film School - Lesson #009: Selecting the models for the animated version

Lesson Summary[edit | edit source]

For the animated version of our movie "Seduced by the Dark Side", we need to select the animated figures. There are only two digital actors in the movie and they are "Old Person" and "Young Person". Since there are thousands of digital puppets compatible with DAZ Studio or Poser, this should be easy, right?

Here are the two problems:

  • The two much be matched in style.
  • The two must be easy to animate.

Personally, I think this should be an old man and a boy about the age of 8 or 9. And to make the figures easy to animate, the figures should not be realistic humans but more cartoon figures.

1. eFrontier
Poser 6 comes with adult figures and children. There is no old person and these figures are so realistic, they will be too difficult to animate.
2. DAZ Store
DAZ has lots of figures but there is no old person which matches the artwork of a young person. The old man from Poser 3 does not match any young boy. The best looking young boy is Alexander but there is no older person who matches him.
3. Koshini and Friends
There is no boy and there is no old person. The only two matching figures are Koshini and Kiki. These are slightly cartoon figures which are easy to animated compared to fully realistic figures.

Therefore, we really need to search all possible alternative since if we use Koshini and Kiki, the voices for the animation will be totally different from the voice of Alexander.

This is a major decision here and I think we are going to need the help of some of the Poser and DAZ forums.

(to be continued…)