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The arts represent an outlet of expression, that is usually influenced by culture and which in turn helps to change culture. As such, the arts are a physical manifestation of the internal creative impulse. Major constituents of the arts include literature – including poetry, novels and short stories, and epics; performing arts – among them music, dance, and theatre; culinary arts such as baking, chocolatiering, and winemaking; media arts like photography and cinematography, and visual arts – including drawing, painting, ceramics, and sculpting. Some art forms combine a visual element with performance (e.g. film) and the written word (e.g. comics).[1]

We can also say that art is present in every work. Even decorating a house by a person mainly the wife and also decorating food by a chef can be considered an art. We can see that art is everywhere. For example eating food is also an art. Writing, reading, sleeping, etc. Everything comes under art.
    But mainly art is considered as above mentioned.[Representation of expression.]It shows how beautifully we express.Example we can see this the person who express his expressions can achieve more fans and who can't express may not get such fame and fans.
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Tragedy and comedy, staples of the theatre since antiquity
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This is the Wiki play submission site, a planning page for collaborative writing projects that involve play writing. The site may be used as a course requirement in a drama department at a university or in a drama school. (more...)

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