Family work interventions

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Children of migrant workers play marbles while their parents work in fields.

This subject is a post graduate and professional level of study, divided into five modules. Each module is completed with an assignment designed to assist you in extending your knowledge and practice in family work interventions. You can take these modules in any combination (together or separately). Modules 1 and 2 can be effectively studied online. Modules 3-5 however, are currently available as face to face workshops at The Bouverie Centre in Melbourne Australia. Work is underway to make these modules more widely availabale. If you have already done the workshop component of one or more of these you can complete the relevant assessment and receive advanced standing towards this subject.


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  1. Using systemic concepts and skills in practice with individuals
  2. Advanced Intervention Skills with Families
  3. Behavioural Family Therapy
  4. Including Children in work on adult problems
  5. Single Session Family Consultations

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