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The Bouverie Centre, is a public institute located within La Trobe University’s Faculty of Health Sciences. We provide direct clinical services such as family sensitive work and family therapy; community services such as training and consultation to mental health organisations; and academic services such as university accredited courses and continuing education workshops relevant to mental health workers.

Our work here in Wikiversity is an extension of our efforts to provide community services along with accredited courses and workshops. The Bouverie Centre has taken the opportunity presented to it be the Faculty of Health Sciences to pilot open educational practices. We are developing a plan that involves engaging the Wikimedia Foundation projects like Wikiversity, and developing our pilots through them and other established open education platforms. We hope that by working with Wikiversity and the wider Foundation projects, we will develop a sustainable approach to teaching and assessment practices, while developing contemporary research, teaching, learning and assessment practices.

Below you will find a list of pages we have started, most of them subjects or short courses that we currently offer and are redeveloping for extended offerings in 2014. Over the coming months, we will develop these pages into comprehensive open educational resources, aimed at supporting informal and formal learning of the subjects. We will be designing assignments that help improve public information, and learning assessment methods that preserve our standards for professional competency, but offer the flexibility that our professionals in practice need.