Family Therapy Theory and Practice (part 2)

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Camping at Knappensee

This subject is a post-graduate and professional level of study available in 2 modules at The Bouverie Centre. In module 1 you will synthesise theoretical and practical contributions from the systemic therapy and other relevant models you learned previously in this course to working with the specific needs of children and adolescents and their families, and also those of couples. You will also integrate knowledge about neurophysiology and other theoretical models appropriate for working with trauma and abuse. Further to this you will reflect on and develop your knowledge and skill in relation to families and yourself to arrive at your own unique therapeutic style. In Module 2 you will build on your work in Module 1 as you continue with your small group and supervisor in live clinical practice with families from The Bouverie Centre. In this group a central focus will be to develop your levels of skill as set out in the list of defined competencies.


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