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About Eventmath meetups

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Eventmath is a wiki for math lesson plans based on current events, powered by a community of educators. We contribute lesson plans, use them in the classroom, and participate in many other ways. Our mission is to help students use math as a tool for understanding their world.

Eventmath meetups are community-organized events that can be either online or in person. Here are some examples:

  • Workshops that introduce new community members to Eventmath and help them contribute new lesson plans
  • Edit-a-thons that aim to improve existing lesson plans, or put them through peer review
  • Talks in which community members relate classroom experiences or present research about the impact of Eventmath
  • Meetings for the community to publicly make plans or set project priorities
  • Office hours for beginners (e.g. in a Zoom room or physical office)
  • Social events to get to know fellow Eventmath participants

We welcome you to join us for a meetup!

Short guide for meetup organizers

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Are you interested in organizing a meetup? That's great! A short how-to checklist is below, followed by some tips for getting started.


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  1. Create a subpage of this page, for each meetup or series of related meetups.
  2. For inspiration about what to put on your meetup page, see the meetup list.
  3. Apply the "Eventmath meetups" category tag to the page you created.
  4. Link to your meetup page from the Eventmath Welcome page, under "News."
  5. Link to your meetup page from the directory below (the most recent meetups go at the top).
  6. Promote your meetup!
  • Specific categories are best.
    • For example, "Eventmath workshop" is more specific than "Eventmath meetup."
    • You can create a new category if needed and make it a subcategory of Eventmath meetups if it's not already listed there.
  • Google Forms is convenient for organizing participant registrations.
  • If you'd like to find more participants for your meetup, here are some tips for promoting it:

Eventmath meetup directory

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