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Math lesson plans based on current events

Welcome to Eventmath!

Wouldn’t it be great if students could wield math as a tool for understanding their world? To make this a reality, Eventmath pairs news articles and social media posts with math lesson plans. It's a living repository, where anyone can

  • discover and edit Lesson plans,
  • share ideas and get feedback by Contributing lesson plans, and
  • help make Eventmath a world-class resource by completing Tasks.

This is a new project and is under development. If you're curious to learn more, you can read our successful grant proposal.

Get involved

There are two great ways to get involved right now! You can

Eventmath news

Planned content

  • Project purpose: brief explanation of the problem addressed by Eventmath and the solution it provides
  • Featured lesson plan: prominent recognition of high-quality lesson plans to encourage users to create the best possible content
  • Intro video: welcome message to introduce visitors to the site and the project goals
  • Eventmath news: ongoing list of news, updates, and other current info (meetups, media coverage, etc.)
  • Testimonials: featured quotes, links, and other info about Eventmath being used in classrooms