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Planned content

This will have an organized structure of important Tasks as this site and project evolve:

  • We will have direct calls to action for participants (e.g. "We need more lesson plans in the #economics application domain!")
    • We may provide lists of links, references, and tools containing sources of inspiration for new lesson plans (e.g. news sites and aggregators, social media accounts). See the lists of websites, texts, books, and other research references that we compiled in the grant proposal and beta document. We may consider compiling those lists here on this page along with any calls to action. Update: this may be superseded by the short list on the Contributing tab.
    • We will have an ongoing task to "complete" draft lesson plans (they can always be improved, but they will be removed from draft status once they have the required fields completed and are usable in the classroom).
    • We may have an ongoing task to add newer articles or posts to lesson plans on perennial topics, under a section called "ways to improve existing lesson plans."
  • We may also include meta-tasks (e.g. "We need more comments on our proposed assessment scale for lesson plans.")
  • We might include a way for users to suggest changes to the site and structure (or that could go on the Discussion tab).
  • We will include, or link to, the lesson-plan assessment rubric, since assessing existing lesson plans will be an ongoing task. See "Develop quality standard" in the Eventmath proposal for more details.

For the implementation (and possibly some of the content), we may take inspiration from Wikipedia maintenance.

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Drafts by teaching vitals

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  • If you just contributed a draft...
    • Click this purge link to update this page if you don't see the draft listed here.
    • Head back to the Contributing tab for tips on sharing the draft and getting feedback!
  • If you'd like to browse ready-to-use lesson plans, head over to the Lesson plans tab.