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What is Emerging Web Technology?[edit | edit source]

To be "Emerging," the technology must not yet be universally accepted by the Web community, but its acceptance must be steadily increasing. Its level of acceptance can be low, but if it is steadily low and not increasing, then it could not be considered emerging. Its level of acceptance can also be high, but if it is extremely high, (even if its popularity is steadily increasing), then it would be considered an established technology and no longer emerging. So that is why it is a good idea to keep updating the list of technologies that can be considered emerging.

Who are the innovators of web technologies? past, present, and future[edit | edit source]

Bill Gates There wouldn't be much of an interest in the web if we didn't have a PC in every home and office with a GUI interfaced operating system on it. We can thank Bill Gates and his team for that.

Steve Jobs It can't go without being said that Steve Jobs was the one who pushed the envelope in web development by his innovative ideas and team at Apple and Pixar.

Vannevar_Bush The man who first conceived HTML. (1945)

List of Emerging Web Technologies[edit | edit source]

Augmented Reality

Responsive Web Design

Ambient Intelligence



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Emerging Web Technology Glossary[edit | edit source]

AJAX AJAX[edit | edit source]

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a group of technologies used to create asynchronous web applications

API API[edit | edit source]

Application programming interface is a specification used to allow software components to communicate with each other.

Biometric Authentication Biometric[edit | edit source]

is the process of using a unique physical or behavioral traits as a method to confirm the identity and determine the access profile of a person. For example, face recognition through a webcam can be used in place of a password to unlock a computer.

HTML5 Canvas[edit | edit source]

HTML 5 native video and audio support5 for all major codecs, set to replace flash...forever.

Microsoft Azure[edit | edit source]

A Cloud services operating system by Microsoft. Supports ASP.NET, LAVA, PHP, and Ruby and SOAP, REST, and XML protocols.

RSS Feeds RSS[edit | edit source]

A New Technology that allows the server-side is able to keep track of and deliver fresh content based an client request.

Ruby On Rails[edit | edit source]

A Rails Framework place on top of the Ruby language [1] and is leading the web in portable web application this year.Ruby on rails is server-side scripting language that every Web Developer needs to know.

Web Career Terms[edit | edit source]

Upcoming Technologies that we as professional or soon to become one, these are tools that help as build our future.

Agile software development[edit | edit source]

Agile software development stresses keeping the code simple, testing it often, and delivering functional parts of the application as soon as they are finished.

Content Management System[edit | edit source]

Is a computer program that allows publishing editing and modifying content on a web site as well as maintenance from a central page.

Internet Marketing[edit | edit source]

Is referred to as the marketing (generally promotion) of products or services over the internet.

Object Oriented Programming[edit | edit source]

Programming where programmers define the data type of a data structure, and the types of operations (functions) which can be applied. Therefore, the data structure becomes an object that includes both data and functions. Also, programmers can create relationships between multiple objects. For example, objects have the ability to inherit characteristics from other objects.

Project Management[edit | edit source]

Is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals

Skunk Works[edit | edit source]

A small group who work on a project in an unconventional way with minimal management interference

Social Media[edit | edit source]

Includes web- and mobile-based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals.

Emerging Web Technology - Education[edit | edit source]

Emerging Web Technology for Kids[edit | edit source]

Emerging Web Technology for People with Disabilities[edit | edit source]

Emerging Web Technology for Today's Seniors
[edit | edit source]

Emerging Web Tech for the Third World
[edit | edit source]

Drag & Drop Functionality
[edit | edit source]

Emerging Web Tech Web. 3.0
[edit | edit source]

By-Products of Emerging Web Technologies[edit | edit source]

Accelerated Innovation[edit | edit source]

Accelerated Innovation refers to the rapid increase of innovation as a result of shared ideas through various media platforms on the Web. Viral Web content is available to millions on a global scale, which inspire and encourage ideas to take shape. Crowd Accelerated Innovation is a type of innovation eco-system that has evolved with the proliferation of the Web.

The Internet of Things[edit | edit source]

The Internet of Things refers to the ubiquitous connectivity of the Web. Where everyday objects (and perhaps someday people) are embedded with RFID technology, barcodes, or QR Code that allow scanner technology to download and/or upload data to the Web or database.

Web Dependency[edit | edit source]

The proliferation of Big Data has created a need to understand and interpret the data with Predictive Analytics and Data Mining tools. Currently, the large companies that can afford them are becoming more reliant on the technology to aid in their decision making. As the tools continually evolve to process higher level human thinking, and possible made accessible to small and medium-sized organizations, it remains to be seen how dependent decision makers will become on the technology.

Streaming Video[edit | edit source]

While streaming video has been with us for a long time, I feel that it has barely scratched the surface of its potential. I believe that it may eventually replace television altogether as our primary source of video entertainment and news.

Online Streaming gaming[edit | edit source]

The concept of online gaming is not new, but the notion that complex games can now be played through a browser is fairly new. An early adopter of this concept is Onlive.com

Emerging Technologies - Science Fiction Type Weapons in Existence Today[edit | edit source]

Particle Beam Weapons
Laser Weapons
Sonic Weapons

Fall 2012 Web Team: with Books & Video Selections[edit | edit source]

Adam B

Katie Brown

Nicholas Van Ishem DelCorpo

Jerry Wells

Zena Jenkins-Pratt


Stephany Szyszlo

D.I. von Briesen



Chosen Article/text: In the Year 2889 - Jules Verne (s/b a book)

Chosen Video: TBD

David Randy Wrenn

Chosen Book: Daemon By Daniel Suarez - Copyright 2009

Chosen Video: Minority Report. Staring Tom Cruise - 2002