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For Fall 2012, hoping to get a course on Emerging Web Technologies built here, with the help of my students...

My Wikipedia Profile

I'm assisted by: Randy Wrenn and Macky Tajik and Nick and Miss.Katie Brown and Luis

Since there are so many profiles in so many places, probably best to centralize on my wikipedia profile [[1]]

Seeking Advice from Wikiversitians[edit]

I have a potential client who is, in part, asking me to catalog online learning resources (specifically related to online, education, and IT). Rather than do some secret incomplete document, it occurs to me it may be beneficial to all to create said catalog here within wikiversity - not only is it more of a living breathing document that can keep up with the times, but others can join or chime in to add and edit resources.

I'd love some feedback (here or directly) as to thoughts on this. ' Divonbriesen (talk) 04:57, 1 October 2012 (UTC)