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This is a project on EFL started by teacher Daniele Krauz with the aim of creating EFL interdisciplinary lessons based on multiple methodologies. The material provided is organized in a series of course pages by level and grammar topic as well as teacher's resources pages with a collection of free online original high quality materials for further lessons. The lessons are part of a long project started as research on using Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences in the EFL environment for Brazilian students.

Theories observed[edit | edit source]

Here is a collection of important theories basing the development of the projects.

What Is This Thing Called Giftedness, and How Do We Develop It? A Twenty-Five Year Perspective


Every learner has strengths or potential strengths that can be used as a foundation for effective learning and creative productivity. The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) (Reis & Renzulli, 1985) capitalizes on these strengths by offering students options to realize their own potential. Through service delivery components like Curriculum Compacting and Enrichment Clusters, students are insured of being exposed to high level and challenging learning experiences. A third component, the Total Talent Portfolio¹ (TTP) serves as the framework by which all the other elements of the model can be organized.[1] Some questionnaires and similars are used to access the students abilities and preferences in order to offer adequate clusters and research opportinities.

  • The Interest-A-Lyzer by Joseph S. Renzulli University of Connecticut - "The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you become more familiar with some of your interests and potential interests."

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