Computer Architecture Lab/SS2014

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Project page for the course in summer 2014.

Group 1 : SillyPanda[edit | edit source]

Name 1: Yalun Wu s135567

Name 2: Lau Kam Ying s136068

Instruction Set 1

Instruction Set 2


Group 3 : Bammy[edit | edit source]

Name 1: Christian Bering Bøgh: s952606

Assignments:[edit | edit source]

Instruction Set I.pdf

uart output

uart input

Group 4[edit | edit source]

Name 1: Carsten Nielsen: s123161

Name 2: Søren Krogh Andersen: s123369

Assignments:[edit | edit source]

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

BeMicro work[edit | edit source]


DE0-Nano[edit | edit source]

DE0-Nano pinmap

Group 5[edit | edit source]

Name 1: Harri Antero Laine: s131196

Name 2: Istvan Szonyi: s131153

Name 3: Komlan Tom Evon: s072728

Instruction Set I

Instruction Set II

Group 6: Dimitris[edit | edit source]

Name 1: Dimitrios Kosmadakis: s131200

Instruction Set I