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Perspective: Literal-Normal Interpretation.
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Bible Tour: Template (section)
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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Here you can provide a brief introduction to the topic being studied. The topic will be expounded upon in the tour of scripture; this space is simply for an introduction.

Tour of Scripture[edit | edit source]

Scripture Passage (link to passage in BibleGateway) (link to corresponding lesson & section)

This indented paragraph serves to describe the given passage, interpret it if necessary, and describe how it adds to/shapes the overall topic being discussed. Not every pertinent passage needs to be listed here; that feat is reserved for the chain reference section below. This tour of scripture simply lists the passages most helpful in illustrating and developing the overall topic. What follows is an example:

Genesis 3:7 (passage) (lesson)

Immediately after he sins, man struggles to repair his mistake without the assistance of God. He tries to cover up his nakedness with fig leaves, while God's solution requires a covering of animal skin. This attempt to better himself apart from divine assistance foreshadows the humanistic attempts of Babel, whereas the faith in (dependence on) God's solution typifies redeemed Jerusalem.

A Note (passage) (lesson)

(this note requires an understanding of templates) I would like to note here that there is a companion template that goes along with the tour provided here. It is a list of each of the tour stops, linked to its respective lesson & section. The template for this template ^_^ can be viewed above, or found here: Template:Study of Scripture - Template. This template is created to appear not only on this page, but also on every lesson referred to in the tour.
To create a new tour template for a new topical study, do the following: Create a page that begins with the word "Template:", and ends with the name of the topical study (ex: "Template:Study of Scripture - A Tale of Two Cities"). Next, copy-paste the code for the template template into the new page, and edit it appropriately. Finally, place the template onto every lesson referred to in the tour.

Topical Chain Reference[edit | edit source]

This section provides an extensive list of scripture pertaining to the topic at hand, It lists the passages by book, with the book in bold, and the passages bulleted && linked to BibleGateway:

Book of the Bible

  • passage 1
  • passage 2
  • ...
  • below is an example:



  • ...

Supplemental Resources[edit | edit source]

list here any supplemental resources

Notes[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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