Study of Genesis/The Fall of Man

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Bible Tour: Salvation (section)
  1. The Fall of Man (section)
Bible Tour: A Tale of Two Cities (section)
  1. Garden of Eden (section)
  2. Man's Covering For Sin (section)

Pre-Lesson Activity[edit | edit source]

  • Read Genesis 3:1-7
    • Contrast the temptation of Adam with the temptation of Christ in Matthew 4:1-11. What is similar? what is different?
  • Read Genesis 3:8-21
    • Contrast the clothing made by Adam & Eve with the clothing made by God. Why do you suppose clothing was needed in the first place?
    • Is there any order to the way in which God approaches the three transgressors? (the serpent, Adam, and Eve) To the way God punishes them?
  • Read Genesis 3:21-24
    • Observe the physical results of disobedience. Do they have any spiritual counterparts?

Lesson[edit | edit source]

Genesis 3:1 - 6 :: Adam Fails, Christ Succeeds[edit | edit source]

Genesis 3:8 - 20 :: The Curse and the Promise[edit | edit source]

Genesis 3:22 - 24 :: Separation From God[edit | edit source]

Genesis 3:7, 21 :: Faith vs. Works[edit | edit source]

In verses 7 and 21, we are presented with two types of clothing - garments made of fig leaves, and garments made of animal skin. These two types of covering are typical of works-based and faith-based religion (respectively), in a couple of ways.

  • Adam and Eve created the fig-leaf coverings themselves, whereas God provided them with animal skin clothing.
  • Plants are in many ways significant of man's work in scripture[1]. Before the fall, man's primary task was to "tend and keep" the garden[2]

Study Questions[edit | edit source]

Next Lesson[edit | edit source]

In the next lesson, we'll examine the effects of sin on the pre-flood generations.

Supplemental Resources[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. Gen 2:15