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Individual curriculum

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Individual curriculum:
Activity: discussion, planning
Group size: unlimited
Preparation: none
Instructors: 1
Duration: any

The goal of this course phase is to inspire the participants and to allow them to be creative. There is no learning goal for this course phase, the purpose is just to allow discussion about individual curricula. Some of the ideas presented here may be too difficult for the participants and their pupils but may be interesting as medium-term goals. A participant who can imagine himself as a teacher for a specific topic may be motivated to pursue the topic.

A school can support individual curricula with projects, voluntary courses and elective subjects that match the areas of interest of the pupils.

Individual curriculum: Topics

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The offer of an individual curriculum can be organized in cooperation with a group of mentors or a mentoring organization. [1] Assistant teachers who decide to implement a junior mentoring program can also make individual curricula part of their own mentoring program.

An individual curriculum should contain a significant amount of interest-driven learning, to allow the pupil to experience learning as interesting and fun. This can be more important than the actual knowledge learned. On the other hand an individual curriculum shouldn't fail to connect with the official school curriculum or general education, so as not to appear detached from school education.

Academic topics
Leisure topics


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