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Ken: Old Greenies. Calibration is a must. Used power supply need two voltages. Zero, clicked channel 1 potential old green brings up popup whith zero or calibrate. Select calibrate. Button top left: calibrate now. Enter a value left text entry field. Used yellow dmm to verify the ps (they agree). Green: zero -keep. Value entry into number 2 box. Do not exceed 5.5 volts (verified with yellow). Used voltage reading from mm enter into #2. Press keep/ok. Informally swept thru.

Ken says each sensor input needs separate calibration.

Make voltmeter and oscilloscope if possible[edit]

21:20, 12 June 2019 (UTC)

Goal: Calibrate differential voltmeter using power supply.

Warning: The sensor has a maximum of 6 V.

Using the potentiometer to create a voltage divider

Labquest2 (new): Cancel previous programs. At startup they ask about "previous program". Plug the differential voltmeter into one of the three channels. Lab-quest (old "green meanie": Same except that there are four.

9v and cheap yellow Cal-Tek both say 8.92V. Calibration requires two voltage measurements. Used battery and 5 off the power supply.

We are not sure if zero is an acceptable calibration voltage. But we believe it would probably work.

They were able to do the graph and change the scale without difficulty. Saved as text file.

Getting the data from a file:

Inserted pot into bread board positions E4, E8, E14. Then adjusted the pot with (time out ...)

Getting data from Labquest hand-held devices into computer[edit]

20:20, 14 June 2019 (UTC)

The time graphs was saved as a qmbl file on LabQuest (green meanie)

Opened from file menu (On labquest2 use menu bar at top find "file")

The calculator button at the bottom of the screen open/closes calculator.

Open the qmbl file as Table. Plug in to USB port and use file export from the hand-held device. The classroom computer has LoggerPro(?) already installed. Open logger pro on tesktop. We exported it as either a csv or txt file. If it's a txt file, you open and copy the text into an opened excel page.

Warning: The logger pro will not export to a computer unless the logger pro is properly configured (even if logger pro is already on the computer. We had a failure and postulate it was because a student previously exported to a cell phone.

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