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Vector Balancing[1][edit]

  • The objective of this experiment is to observe the balancing forces behind the vectors formed by a 3 4 5 triangle using three weight holders on a vector table.
    • Experimental Steps
      • First set two weight holders 90 degrees apart
      • Place 200g at 0 degrees, 250g at unknown, and 150g at 90degrees respectively on each weight holder
      • Experiment by moving the third weight until the vectors have balanced and the ring is centered
      • Do math[2]

      • Measure the largest unknown angle on your vector table
      • Divide actual angle measurement by the difference between actual and measured angle to determine error percentage
    • Results
      • We found our largest angle to be 144 degrees and calculated the actual angle to be 143 degrees, resulting in a .7% error
  • Copied from Austin Smith
  • Math copied from Guy Vandergrift