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The Think Tank is intended to serve a similar function to the "WikiProjects" on Wikipedia, as a place to organize efforts to create new community learning initiatives.

Choosing topics[edit source]

Topics can come from any source, from current events that people might want to learn about to topics of interest brought up in another context. Focus could also be given to current events within the wikimedia community. The idea is to rapidly create base structures for learning initiatives in order to attract and serve contributors who may be interested or concerned about something going on in the world or their community.

Possible topics[edit source]

Requested topics[edit source]

Active topics[edit source]

  • ...

Finding projects[edit source]

Many new contributors come to Wikiversity and begin creating content, but all too often receive very little assistance. Think tank participants can help identify and reach out to these users by watching the recent changes or new pages.

Participants interested in watching for new projects[edit source]

To-do[edit source]

  1. Create a template for the user talk pages of people who begin new resources.

Designing projects[edit source]

The skeletal structure of the initiatives should be set out in a quick and efficient way. Examples:

  • Will it use surveys or personal reflection?
  • Can participants collect data?
  • What Wikimedia resources are available? If it's a current events topic, can Wikinewsies or Commoners help provide documentation?
  • Choosing a "logo" for initiatives?
  • Navigation templates and general structure of the initiative.

Participants interested in helping develop new projects[edit source]

To-do[edit source]

  1. Create a list of templates and other materials that can easily be adapted to new projects

Launching initiatives[edit source]

Once a skeletal structure has been created, the initiative should be "advertised". In general, this could be done via regular announcements on the Colloquium and its analogs on the other Wikimedia projects. To avoid becoming a "pest", we should probably do this on a schedule announcing all of the new projects every 3 weeks or so, rather than announcing each project when it comes up (i.e, we don't want to be accused of "spamming" the other projects).