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Welcome to the Wikiversity Project discussing 'Consensus in a wiki environment'.

Intended participants are anyone with an interest in the way the 'Wiki-verse' treats the concept of 'consensus', from the micro-practical level in determining the wording of a subject heading, to the broad philosophical issues.

We may develop areas including;

  • An introduction to Consensus, there are some particular nuances to 'consensus' in a wiki environment, this will get you started.
  • Measuring Consensus, how to avoid tyranny of the majority, creeping towards voting etc.
  • Managing Consensus, how to deal with change within a consensus environment
  • Establishing consensus
  • Practical consensus the difference between a normative definition and an empirical definition and the natural consequence of this
  • Your topic here! - if you're interested in discussing any aspect of 'Consensus', feel free to suggest or develop a new topic

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