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Many educational institutions provide orientation programs for new students. This page aims to serve that function for Wikiversity.

What is Wikiversity?[edit source]

Wikiversity offers freely-available learning resources on an ever-growing number of topics.

  1. What is Wikiversity?
  2. Wikiversity Introduction
  3. How does Wikiversity work?

Have a look around[edit source]

There are currently 226,827 pages created by 2,983,562 registered users!

Want to take a look around but not sure where to start? Try:

  • Browse all major departments.
  • Featured collates the best developed materials to date.
  • Random highlights promising learning resources.

Degree options[edit source]

Wikiversity is not a degree-granting institution - it does not confer academic degrees, diplomas, or certificates. However, you can find information and participate in learning activities by getting involved here at the Wikiversity that could help your study at a degree-granting institution.

Guided tours[edit source]

There are several guided tours for newcomers and those developing content.

Your first class[edit source]

Browse the Wikiversity departments to find a class, course, module, unit of study, etc. that you'll like. You might enjoy take an entry-level class and have fun with it - or take a challenging one that will really extend your knowledge of a subject.

Research[edit source]

Wikiversity is developing guidelines that will allow participants to engage in research activities. See also Portal:Research.

Become a contributor[edit source]

Wikiversity is a young project that is developing free learning resources. You can help - read more at Why create an account?.

Communication[edit source]

There are several mechanisms of interactive communication available, including:


For general wiki-based discussion about Wikiversity and any of its content. This is the most active central meeting and communication point.

Mailing list

An electronic mailing list to discuss via email, with an accompanying web archive.

Realtime chat

Realtime chat is available at Wikiversity. Wikiversitans chat using the Internet Relay Chat protocol on the Freenode IRC network.

See also[edit source]