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This page is to gauge support for and plan synchronous meetings (i.e in real time) of Wikiversity community participants and others. This can be done face to face, or via IRC, Skype or other synchronous communication software. Meetings don't have to be 'work'-based - they can also be social events, or a mix of both.

Possible ways of meeting[edit source]

Face to face[edit source]

There have been various meetups for Wikimedians around the world, including Wikimania the annual Wikimedia conference. See Wikiversity:Meetup.

IRC[edit source]

Many Wikiversity participants use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to chat with others on an informal basis - see Wikiversity:Chat. There has been a proposal in the past to hold an IRColloquium - a regular meeting, which was suggested to be organised by various "schools".

Skype or other VoIP[edit source]

There are a number of telephonic options for people to talk to each other online for free. Skype is well known, but there are others, such as Gizmo or Asterisk. This has been proposed as part of Wiki Campus Radio.

Videoconferencing[edit source]

Fairly advanced - requiring specific software and hardware, as well as a sufficiently fast internet connection.

Upcoming meetings[edit source]

If you are interested in having a meeting with other Wikiversity participants (and perhaps others), please add a subsection here with details for where how you would like to meet, and if relevant, what you would like to meet about. (It is not always necessary to have an agenda or purpose for a meeting!)

Learning on Wikiversity[edit source]

I'd like to meet regarding Wikiversity's learning model and the provision of learning on Wikiversity. I see this as explicitly a part of the research project I am trying to facilitate, Developing Wikiversity through action research, as well as the "meta" work of Wikiversity in general. I'd like this meeting to do two things: 1) raise both broad and specific discussion of problems and opportunities with providing for learning on Wikiversity and 2) initiate the development of learning material on the basis of this discussion. Please add your name and time/date details/suggestions below if you are interested - or, if you are having trouble with the wiki-table, indicate your preference in the "discussion" section. Cormaggio talk 12:17, 30 April 2008 (UTC)[reply]

This meeting series has been documented at Wikiversity:Meetings/Learning on Wikiversity (with logs and synopsis of each meeting)

  • 3rd June (log)
  • 7th June (log)
  • Last meeting took place at #wikiversity-en, but it was suggested to use the interlingual channel #wikiversity in the future.