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There are Wikiversity portals that provide user-friendly introductions to learning resources in mainstream subject areas. Each portal also provides links to Wikiversity schools and other content development projects in the "Topic:" namespace.

Each of these portals has an associated category that is used to organize subject pages. These organizational units compare to "faculties". "Faculty" is term that is used to refer to organizational divisions at universities. However, Wikiversity does not have any "faculty" reference. Wikiversity has participants who collaborate in the editing of Wikiversity pages.

In addition, you can use the following portals as educational guides:

The function of portals[edit source]

Wikiversity portals should help quickly guide Wikiversity visitors to Wikiversity learning resources in the main namespace. At the start of Wikiversity, portals can also function as places to invite participation at Wikiversity content development and improvement projects in the "School:" and "Topic:" namespaces.

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