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This is a page for listing the ways that people have used Wikiversity. If context is not obvious, please give links to pages, or individual comments (through diffs).

Uses of Wikiversity[edit source]

Wikiversity activity[edit source]

This section might not be for uses to which Wikiversity can be put - but is to capture the activity of its participants.

  • Surveying and discussing pedagogical methods (eg Wikiversity:Learning models
  • Welcoming and helping newcomers
  • Discussing and writing policy pages
  • Writing personal reflections (not only in personal blogs - the Colloquium has worked as a collective reflective space)
  • Designing key pages - particularly main page
  • Designing templates
  • Vandalism and dealing with vandalism
  • Discussing and forming a 'structure' for Wikiversity (topics, schools etc)
  • Asking "what's this all about?" or "why is this the way it is?" (often by newcomers - and it has often been a very productive question to have asked.)

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