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This is the beginning of Documentation for the WCR project.

Development[edit | edit source]

  • WCR/Devs were here 19:56, 29 April 2007 (UTC)
  • 16:11, 30 April 2007 (UTC) So far we have experimented with some VoIP tests and actually recorded a few interviews and roundtable discussions. These need to be organized into a repository somehow or at least a listing. So far most of this has been documented at Talk:Wiki Campus Radio but I propose moving them here to Talk:Wiki Campus Radio/Documentation, thus clearing the main talk page for coordinating future sessions and the social side of things. CQ
  • .....

IAX client software[edit | edit source]

MozPhone GUI during a conference call
Main control window for IDEFISK (an image of the Zoiper interface.)

See Inter-Asterisk eXchange at Wikipedia for a list of clients.

  • For Firefox and Windows: load the MozPhone plugin.
After installing MozPhone you have to input a server and user credentials.
For this go to the Firefox menu "Extras" and select "Add-ons". In the preferences of mozPhone you will need to fill in three values: "Server name or IP address", "IAX2 username" and "IAX2 password", see Image:MozPhone preferences.jpg. (Info about how to get these is not described here)
Then start MozPhone (you can find it in Firefox menu: Extras > MozPhone).
When you are connected to the above server you will see that the IP address at the bottom of MozPhone has a green color (if you are not connected, the color stays red).
Then dial 1 and have fun.
If you right-click in MozPhone's main window this will popup a menu. From that menu you'll be able to access help pages.
Use the settings menu to get to the account options. Click "new" and enter an account name. Enter the server address, your user name and password. Save. Return to the main window, enter "1" in the "phone to dial" text entry line.
Make sure the correct account is selected at the bottom where it says "account". Hit return and you should connect. The "mute button" is the microphone near the center of the control window.

General instructions[edit | edit source]

  • use head phones to prevent feedback
  • put yourself on mute when not talking
  • see if you have options for noise reduction and/or ambient noise subtraction

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