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WikiJMed Web of Science application
not yet submitted
Application tracker

Web of Science application[edit | edit source]

WoS has no minimum publication volume to be eligible for evaluation, but they require journals to have 'published a body of work that accurately represents the full scope of that journal'. Given that, it is probably reasonable for WikiJMed to begin drafting its application.

Selection Criteria
  • ISSN
  • Journal Title
  • Journal Publisher (verifiable, physical address)
    • We do technically have a physical address for use in forms (e.g. for insurance) even though its wholly irrelevant to day-to-day operations
  • Journal URL
  • Content Access
  • Presence of Peer Review Policy
  • Contact Details
  • Scholarly Content
  • Article Titles and Article Abstracts in English
  • Bibliographic Information in Roman Script
  • Clarity of Language
  • Timeliness and/or Publication Volume
    • This may be a challenge, since time to publication varies widely. Depends on interpretation of strictness.
  • Website Functionality/Journal Format
  • Presence of Ethics Statements
  • Editorial Affiliation Details
  • Author Affiliation Details
  • Editorial Board Composition
  • Validity of Statements
  • Peer Review
  • Content Relevance
  • Grant Support Details
  • Adherence to Community Standards
  • Author Distribution
  • Appropriate Citations to the Literature
  • Comparative Citation Analysis
  • Author Citation Analysis
  • Editorial Board Citation Analysis
  • Content Significance

There are two relevant levels, primarily based on calculated impact factor relative to similar journals in the field :

  1. Emerging Sources Citation Index
  2. Science Citation Index Expanded

Form fields[edit | edit source]

  • Journal title
    • WikiJournal of Medicine/
  • ISSN(s)
    • 2002-4436
  • Journal homepage URL
  • Editor-in-Chief
    • Mikael Haggstrom
  • Journal country
    • USA
  • Publisher country
    • USA
  • Publisher
    • WikiJournal User Group
  • Journal language, including whether specific elements are in English language or Roman script
    • English (primary)
  • Publisher address
    • Connecticut
  • First year of publication
    • 2014
  • Frequency
    • Continuous
  • The number of research and review articles published in the past calendar year
    • 5 (Oct-Oct)
  • Most recent issue/publication
    • 2021
  • Publication model (fully subscription, fully open access, hybrid)
    • fully OA
  • Name of partnering society, if applicable
    • -
  • Journal ownership and contact information for owning or co-owning organization (Publisher/Society/Association/Institution/co-owned)
    • Publisher
  • Suggested Web of Science category
    • General Medicine, Medical informatics, Physiology
  • Statement of peer review policy URL
  • Statement of publication ethics URL
  • Whether the journal checks articles for plagiarism
    • Yes
  • Whether the journal has DOIs, consecutive page numbering, and/or article numbers
    • DOIs, article numbers
  • Access information for our Editorial team to review content
    • -
  • Contact information for the primary editorial contact, production contact, and the submitter of the journal
    • editorial contact = Mikael Haggstrom
    • production contact = same as editorial contact
    • submitter = Thomas Shafee