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Economics and Personal Finance is a subject that has a wide variety of applications in the real world, but very rarely is it seen as a necessity in the classroom.

Welcome to the Finance Department of the Wikiversity School of Business!

This is Wikiversity's department of Finance, which is both a science and an art.

Major curriculum[edit | edit source]

In order to form a good basic understanding of business, it is recommended for students to visit General Studies of Business Administration and study the core business curriculum as prerequisites for the following courses.

Level 1000 courses are recommended prerequisites of level 1010 courses:

  • Business Finance, FIN 1001, fundamentals of business/corporate finance and historical/modern portfolio management theories
  • Time Value of Money, FIN 1002, fundamental way of calculating the value of a sum of money, at any time in the present or future.

Level 1010 courses are recommended prerequisites of level 1100 courses:

  • Equity Markets, FIN 1011, fundamentals of corporate equity finance and major markets
  • Debt and Money Markets, FIN 1012, introduction to the largest and most active financial market in the world, as well as various other fixed income products
  • Currency and Commodity Markets, including energy, live stock, grains, and FOREX (foreign exchange markets)
  • Insurance and Annuities, FIN 1014, design of insurance and annuity products
  • Pension, FIN 1015, pension management, portfolio management and investment advisor selection

Level 1100 courses:

  • Risk Management, FIN 1101, to take calculated risk for higher growth
  • Financial Management, FIN 1102, cornerstone course, in-depth studies of historical/modern portfolio management theories

Other courses:

Active participants[edit | edit source]

Department news[edit | edit source]

  • 9 March 2005 - Department founded

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