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  1. Create a navigation template for your learning resource
    • Commonly done by inserting something like this at the top of the page:
      • {{<name of your learning resource> Nav}}
        • For example: {{Sustainability Nav}} (this one exists already - don't edit it!)
          • If you are using Template:Module Intro Page on a page in the main/default name space, you might need to include a colon before the page name: {{:Sustainability Nav}}
  2. Edit this new template you have just created and paste the following into it:
{{Module NAV
|theme = 
|image   = 
|title   = 
|tagline = 
|pages   = 

The variables are explained on the Module Nav template's page and you can look at the examples on pages already using the template. Most of the pages on the SSE curriculum page under General have created navigation templates using this approach (i.e. embedding the "Module NAV" template as above).

N.B. The parameters are all set directly here currently - i.e. not sent from the named wrapper (for consistency).

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