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Simple template for navigation across related pages.


{{Module NAV
|theme = 
|image   = 
|title   = 
|tagline = 
|pages   = 


All are optional:

theme - sandy, lite, smart, etc. from Template:Box Theme Attribute

image - use normal image syntax - preferably 100 X 100 px or less.

Consider using Template:Box Theme Attribute (etc.) where applicable.

title - of your learning resource.

tagline - brief "catchy" description, or list of keywords, etc..

pages - add links to pages in the collection. A useful separator between links is  · . Copy and paste from this example: {{·}} between links; eg. |pages = [[Page One]]{{·}}[[Page Two]]{{·}}[[Page Three]]

Suggested Enhancements/Extensions[edit]

  • Add a home parameter and change pages to be "sub pages". This will look tidier when calling but may be less flexible. Not sure yet how to get the template to create the subpage links from a list of (e.g. commas delimited) words.
  • Before "theme" was added, this used to be compatible with WE's ProjectNav.