The Varanasi Heritage Dossier/Detailed description of each heritage Site

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Varanasi Ghats full view from South

The Riverfront & Old City Heritage Zone[edit]

Vatsyaraj Ghat, Varanasi
Varanasi Ghats full view fromNorth

Asi Ghat to Pancakota Ghat[edit]

Prabhu Ghat to Kedara Ghat[edit]

Chauki Ghat to Chausatthi Ghat[edit]

Ranamahal Ghat to Tripurabhairavi Ghat[edit]

Mir Ghat to Bajirao Ghat[edit]

Scindhia Ghat to Pancaganga Ghat[edit]

Durga Ghat to Phuta Ghat[edit]

Prahalad Ghat to Raj Ghat[edit]

The Core: Adi Vishvanatha, Vishvanatha, Vishalakshi Kshetra[edit]

Other Heritage Property across the Ganga river[edit]