The Varanasi Heritage Dossier/Adi Vishvanatha

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Detailed description of each heritage Site - Adi Vishvanatha, Vishvanatha, Vishalakshi Kshetra

Adi Vishvanatha temple

Kashi Vishwanath temple

Location[edit | edit source]

25º 18.683’N and 83º 00.642’E

Exact location on a map[edit | edit source]

Godaulia-Chauk road, Bansphatak, near Satyanarayan Mandir, House No. CK 38/ 8.

Area[edit | edit source]


Historical/cultural/natural significance[edit | edit source]

The first original site of Vishveshvara/ Vishvanatha is an issue of historical investigation. However it is accepted that the first destruction took place in 1194 by the order of Qutb-ud-din Aibak. By the end of 13th century the Vishvanatha temple was built in the compound of Avimukteshvara, which continued till mid 15th century. In 1448 Muhmud Shah Sharqui demolished this temple and built on the site the Razia Bibi mosque. Later on in the western part of the compound, the present temple was made.

6.Authenticity (as according to article 24 to 34 of operational guidelines): It is believed that the yoni (basement) of the linga is the original one representing the 13th century temple. In the inner sanctum sanctorum there are images of Ekdanta Vinayaka (“Ganesha with one tusk”), Sun-god, and very late additions of Rama and his family. In the compound exist the shrines of goddess Shringar (“beauty”) Gauri and Saubhagya (“auspicious wife) Gauri. Under an old fig tree there is an image of Sani (Saturn god), and nearby is a shrine of Yaksha (“Vegetal god”) Bhairava.

=== Description ===: 8.History and development (as under columns 5 and 6)

Present state of conservation[edit | edit source]

There is no such specific organisation to take care of preservation and conservation, except the temple trust which look after all the aspects, from management to maintenance.

Specific measures being taken for conserving the specific property[edit | edit source]

No specific measures are taken to conserve and preserve the temple, however cleanliness, repairing and white washing are carried at regular basis.

Ownership[edit | edit source]

The temple is administered and managed by the temple trust.