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Peer reviewers need to fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Have expertise in the relevant {{{field}}} field, and be willing to provide credentials when being invited to perform a peer review. Such provision may be done by sending the web address to a reliable webpage with public contact information for verification, or sending copies of certifications. These can be sent to {{{credentials_email}}}, wherein your identity information will be kept confidential.
  2. Be willing to state any conflicts of interests
  3. Not be editorial board members of this journal

Individuals not fulfilling these criteria are still welcome to comment on works in need of peer review, such as checking how well the references support their associated article entries. Such comments facilitate and supplement the formal scholarly peer review of articles.

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Usage[edit source]

Transclude into any reviewer guidelines page using:

|field = required expertise
|credentials_email = contact address for anonymous reviewers

Text can be tailored to the needs of the journal using |field= and |credentials_email=. If standard page organisation is used, it should be able to auto-format the editorial board link.

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