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Sex addiction and hypersexuality[edit source]

Hi there,

I had a few thoughts about this topic and thought I'd run them by you to see if you'd be interested in including them. I was particularly wondering if porn addiction leads to other behaviours such as seeking out more sexual contact (through cyber sex) or through casual sexual encounters. I know this isn't a very academic reference, but there was a movie released recently called "Shame" which centred around a sex addict, and one of the behaviours he displayed was extensive viewing of pornography and a tendency to engage in only casual sex. I was thinking that you could include a summary of how sex addiction and porn addiction differ (because some people may get this confused or think they are the same thing) but also look at whether there there is comorbidity between sex and porn addiction. It may also be worthwhile looking at hypersexuality as a reason behind porn addiction and what can cause hypersexuality (illness, mental illness, medication). I was going to touch on Hypersexuality in my topic of sexual motivation but it might be useful for yours too.

I'll be updating my chapter over the weekend so it would be great if you could provide me some feedback once I've got more content up. It will be useful to get your opinion as we may have some overlapping info!

NatKat88 (discusscontribs) 14:05, 1 November 2013 (UTC)

Here's an American university website that has an overview of the signs and symptoms of internet sex addiction and some ways of helping it. Hope this helps you :) Akshoo93 (discusscontribs) 02:37, 16 October 2013 (UTC)

You might want to consider the way in which the negative societal stigma of pornography affects peoples addictions. Perhaps it makes it harder to admit they have a problem or makes people reluctant to seek help for fear of embarrassment. --Iluvyoga4lyf3 (discusscontribs) 03:31, 22 October 2013 (UTC)

Definition[edit source]

Found a good definition of Pornography: "The term ‘‘pornography’’ refers to sexually explicit media that primarily is intended to arouse the viewer sexually". Ref: Malamuth, N., & Huppin, M. (2005). Pornography and teenagers: the importance of individual differences. Adolescent medicine clinics, 16(2), 315-26. --3069576 (discusscontribs) 05:44, 1 November 2013 (UTC)

It is a known fact that is someone appears attractive they are more liekly to get help in a crisis situation! LiabillyWildflower (discusscontribs

Chapter review and feedback

This chapter has been reviewed according to the marking criteria. Written feedback is provided below, plus there is a general feedback page. Please also check the chapter's page history to check for editing changes made whilst reviewing through the chapter. Responses to this feedback can be made by starting a new section below and/or contacting the reviewer. Chapter marks will be available later via Moodle, along with social contribution marks and feedback. Keep an eye on Announcements.

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Overall[edit source]

A good attempt on a fascinating topic, well done.

Theory[edit source]

The chapter had some interesting theoretical coverage. Different models were explored which was good to see. To improve further, engage in critical analysis of the theories examined.

Research[edit source]

The chapter explored some interesting research, good job. There was good demonstration of research and theory integration. For future improvement, incorporate more research studies on porn addicts and engage in critical analysis of the literature.

Written expression[edit source]

The chapter had some written expression, grammar and punctuation issues, a thorough edit before submission can help this. The chapter would benefit from a more extensive “how to help porn addicts” section. Remember to cater to your audience – most don’t have an extensive knowledge of neuroscience and the biological language was quite intense

The learning features included some useful figures, well done. For future improvement try including some more in text links and an interactive feature such as a quiz. The APA style was generally solid, good job. Remember to apply APA style to all figures and to include DOI’s or web addresses for each ref. Great effort!Courtney.reis (discusscontribs)