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This is the first Question and Answer subpage of Section 2, An Introduction to the Science behind Parkinson's.

It deals with some of the early questions that those newly diagnosed are likely to ask. At this stage there is not much 'hard science' that needs to be gone into. That will come later when more questions are asked on subsequent subpages.

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Page development[edit source]

There is a lot of excellent material on the web already that deals with these initial questions. So it is probably not necessary to go into great detail; it is better to ensure there are links to good sources and I have put some into the information boxes on the right.

I have also been experimenting with having a References section at the bottom so that links in the text and in the information boxes do not go directly to the web pages. Please comment on whether this is the best way to do it.

This page is not complete (if it ever will be!).

Suggestions for further work on it which you are invited to do:

  • Edit, amend or expand material in the main text
  • Add relevant links in either of the information boxes on the right.
  • Ask a friendly neurologist to check what is there already, especially for accuracy, and to add anything that is missing.
  • Add a comment or a question on this discussion page or make a suggestion that you would like others' views on before you implement it.
  • Hesitant? Unsure of yourself? Be bold!

Droflet (talk) 10:01, 29 September 2012 (UTC)

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