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Why I have joined Wikiversity[edit]

Along with a few others, I am developing a Learning Project to do with research into Parkinson's disease. Some of our number have the condition while others have or have had a relative with Parkinson's or a related condition.

The Parkinson's research field is very broad and complex. Thousands of researchers are working in it worldwide and new results are emerging every day. New insights into the nature of the disease and its biopathology are being gained but a comprehensive and widely accepted account has not yet been established. Its cause - or causes - in many cases appears to involve a complex interplay between genetics and environmental factors. It has much in common with other neurodegenerative diseases. Understanding it all is not easy for the lay person.

This Wikiversity project is for the interested non-professional. We want to learn more about the disease that has affected us so much. We want to share what we learn as new results come out and new progress is made. Because of the complexity of the topic, however, we must try to do this systematically and to explain the background to others around the world who are interested in joining us. There will be links to wikipedia pages and to other learning projects in wikiversity, for example Molecular Biology

Here is the portal or 'entry point' page: ParkinsonsScience. Others may also wish to put it on their User pages.

There are links from appropriate Schools, Departments, Projects, Categories and Topics pages but this is not yet comprehensive.

Go to the learning project[edit]

Go to the entry page for the Parkinson's Research learning project: Portal:The Science Behind Parkinson's

My Sandbox page