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Collaborative learning[edit source]

To collaborate in its general term of discuss and cooperate on the subject of learning in its general term of attaining knowledge in its general term of concensus of factual information. The division of knowledge into topical categories is not necessarily the scope of this section heading and others may collaborate on such topical interests in another heading section, however this section deals with how we may see eye to eye on the "subject" of learning. The scope of this section heading, as I intend, is to tie the term "education" to the process of how we learn, and that by how we are taught. To further narrow the cooperation part, learning in the context of attaining knowledge would entail the "how do we learn" part as synonamous to learning by experience and learning by being taught by someone else; herein the cooperative discussion may see fit to add other means of acquiring such general knowledge while keeping a safe distance from particular knowledge. The scope of this discussion should maintain that education is the means to this end. Orschstaffer (talk) 18:46, 24 June 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]