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Greetings and welcome.

This user is restructuring goals for purpose and intent on Wikiversity. Initial edits and attempts to use Wikiversity have been archived here.


Education comes in all forms, shapes and venues; some for noble[1] purposes and others ignoble[2].

This user believes that knowledge should be available to all. The cost of such knowledge should not exceed that which one is willing to expend in time, effort and fortitude which is commensurate[3] to that particular level of knowledge desired. The cost of this type of knowledge also includes the sifting of some mis-information which comes in two categories; malicious and innocent. Regardless of which category one receives such mis-information, the integrity of source and research of all available data are beneficial elements to true knowledge. Only from experience can one learn to decipher the differences. Monetary payment in exchange for an education does not necessarily ensure true knowledge.

Multilingual approach to learning[edit]

It is this user's desire to understand the Russian language. To speak, read and write the Russian language would facilitate translating it to the English language and vice-versa. In order to improve the Wikimedia Foundation Projects globally an attempt to translate a multilingual project will be investigated. To further enhance the practicality of this multilingual project would include a Russian language person interacting with an English language person. Both of these people would learn the other's language as together they collaborated on the same topic of learning. It could also be practical for any number of languages to participate in this project on the same topic of learning. This user proposes this creative method toward the translation of multilingual studies to the meta-babel group.

Russian language[edit]

To begin with a Russian/Introduction with alphabet, phonetics and numbers would be a help. Further descriptions of nouns, verbs, adjectives, sentence structures and other language variables would also be beneficial.

External links to learning the Russian language have been researched here.

List of Wikiversity pages about Russian language[edit]

  1. Russian/Introduction


  1. 1.Having honorable qualities; having moral eminence and freedom from anything petty, mean or dubious in conduct and character. He made a noble effort.
  2. Man's noblest tendency, his perseverance, and man's ignoblest, his inertia. 1843, Thomas Carlyle, Past and Present, ch. 2, The Sphinx
  3. Of a proportionate or similar measurable standard.