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"Logo email plus globe"

So far the central ressource for communication is the mailinglist; the list is public and aims for all people interested in the building up of the TAO Community of Practice and in the development of the TAO Handbook.

You can browse through the archives following this link:


In order to post and receive messages, you need to subscribe to the mailing list.

Web conferences[edit | edit source]

Besides asynchronuous communication via above mailing list the group has regular online meetings. Polls for dates and invitation is provided via the list.

So far we used two applications for the meetings

Works for most of us, but problems related to Adobe's Flash are common. However especially Linux users had Problems even connecting to the meeting room.
Free and open source application which seems to cure (above connection) problems for Linux users. However not an alternative to avoid the common shortcomings of Flash. At current time there has not been a hint to any application avoiding Flash in general, will maybe come up with HTML5 one day.