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TAO is both a placeholder for the Chinese ideograph (Pinyin: About this sound Dào ), meaning way or method, and an acronym for Third Age Online. The main target of the project is to highlight the ways in which the access of older persons to the opportunities offered by online communities can be facilitated. At the same time, the project aims to profit from the growing number of older persons to advance charitable projects of online communities. - Learn more about the project by checking out its official website.

TAO is about engaging older adults in online activities...

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TAO Handbook

You're looking for information on how to involve older adults in your community's activities?

In our handbook, you'll find background information, descriptions of best practices and other things you need to know if you want to make your online community a great place for older adults and tap into older people's experience and collaborative energy. And you can add your own experiences!

For community managers, managers of educational institutions, teachers, volunteer co-ordinators, instructors, moderators, facilitators, consultants, and other people interested in getting older people to participate on Web 2.0.

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TAO Community of Practice

You want to meet and exchange with other people who work with online communities and older adults?

We're building up a community of people from various backgrounds who are ready to share their experiences and to provide mutual support.

Join us for common learning, research and innovation activities in order to promote the active participation of older people in online communities and online collaboration projects.

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People&Learning Activities

Choose your Entry Point

For staff members in a managing or co-ordinating function

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For teachers, instructors, moderators, facilitators

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For people who would like to support the community

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