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ProLiant is a popular x86 brand of server computers sell by HP.

HP provide drivers a software for managing servers such as Management Component Pack which includes [1]

  • HP online configuration utility (hponcfg)
  • Agentless Management Service amsd
  • Smart Storage Administrator (SSA) ssa[2]
  • Smart Storage Administrator (SSA) CLI ssacli[3]
  • Smart Storage Administrator Diagnostic Utility (SSADU) CLI ssaducli.

To install them follow installation instructions[4]: apt-get install hponcfg amsd ssa ssacli ssaducli

SSACLI examples[edit]

  • ssacli ctrl all show config
  • ssacli ctrl all show status
  • ssacli ctrl all show detail


  1. Install latest LTS Ubuntu Server and install HP Management Component Pack