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gapless base basiga

Example basiga with some fullspots replaced by gapspots.


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Most Euler diagrams in this section (except doguva) require redrawing. It is shown for only two of them.
Blightless means, that no two sets are equal or complements, and that no set is empty or the universe.


compare filtrate vanatu  

The diagram above can be seen as a cut through intersecting ellipsoids. As a 2D diagram it is not good, because each of the two green borders (0→2 and 8→10) appears more than once. The problem is not fully avoided in the variant below. If A or C were removed, the outer bundle could be drawn as 2×3 grid.

In these examples some sets are equal or complements, which means that only one of them is shown in the redrawn diagram.

Unbloating involves the choice which atoms to keep. In this diagram B is chosen over E, and A over C and D.

topological shape without choices (left), E chosen over B (right)

bloated and blotted

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In these examples set B is the universe, and set F is empty, which means that both are removed. The removed sets are only indicated by an outlined (rather than solid) letter, but they are not part of the binary labels.

As above, but spot 2 is false. This makes D the complement of A and C.