Studies of Euler diagrams/filtrates

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dummy To filtrate a Boolean function means to reduce its information about many sets to those of interest.
Graphically it means removing circles from the Euler diagram and treating all merged cells as true, if any of the component cells are true.

medusa[edit | edit source]

BCD (A removed)

The result is a 3-circle Venn diagram without gapspots, i.e. the tautology.

doguva[edit | edit source]

This is a gap variant of bazinga. The 8 sets create 18 true cells and 3 gaps.
Both B and C border all the three gapspots. Removing them merges the gapspots with their full neighbors.

The following filtrates leave a single gapspot.

BCDEFH (AG removed)


13 true cells + 1 gap

tomute[edit | edit source]

Also a gap variant of bazinga. The 8 sets create 10 true cells and 8 gaps.

ABCD (EFGH removed)       vanatu


7 true cells + 5 gaps

barita[edit | edit source]

The 6 sets create 21 cells.

ACDEF (B removed)        sediri   (like miniri)

15 cells