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Structural design is a Science and an Art. It is a tool for modern Creators and the world of Design. It can also be used in Literature and Music. It is a way of getting new ideas and inspirations,at Art schools and workshops,allowing [[architects,painters graphic designers,interior designers,industrial designers,better work out their projects,developing original creativity,while basing their designs on natural,biological elements or even other works created by other creators.

This is not a new way to produce design or art,but the systematic approach of getting it to work is.

Structural Research is not an artistic goal,in itself,rather a] catalyst of ideas and imagination,that can be used to suit all human creativness.

Principles of Structural design

Structural Research is based on a principle:

Since nature made things that can hold coherent together,from the beauty point of view,as well as function,construction and details,all for visual presence and utility,why modern creators will not make designs that behave in the same way?

For that several technics are possible:

  • To copy nature and its elements.
  • To study the natural objects in their details.
  • To peel and dissect the elements of nature, as systematic way to seek hidden secrets that builds the internal and external architecture.
  • To seek the Structure of chosen objects from nature and their composition,by taking into account the repetitive units,patterns, geometrical construction and shapes, discovering the algorithms hidden inside and outside the natural elements, in order to study the resistance of forms, overall architecture and the structure of fibers which are giving strength and overall beauty.

History of Structural design[edit | edit source]

Structural Research in Arts[edit | edit source]

Structural Research in Architecture[edit | edit source]

  • Gaudi and the beginning of bio Architecture ==

Structural Research in Litterature[edit | edit source]

Structural Research in Music[edit | edit source]

Structural Research in industrial Design[edit | edit source]

Structural Research in Fashion Design[edit | edit source]

Structural Research in Science and Engineering[edit | edit source]

Structural Research in Robotics[edit | edit source]

Structural Research in Moving Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Teaching Fine Arts[edit | edit source]

  • Projects for two years the First (6 to 8) courses:

-Study of Natural elements and making designs out of them:

-Shells for example, and their structures and Patterns,will give birth to a Mural design.

  • Reaserch to:

-Identify structural and aesthetic elements of music

-Identify structural and aesthetic elements of dance

-Identify structural and aesthetic elements of visual arts,paintings,sculptures,

-Identify structural and aesthetic elements of theater

  • Film And Television

Principles of the audiovisual language and the main structural elements of the cinematic work. Discussion of the relationship between film, television and other arts/media. Film screenings.

Universities teaching Structural Research[edit | edit source]

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