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This is the first lesson of the Storyboard Artwork Project
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What is storyboarding artwork?

Tux Paint is a fun program that kids can use to create beautiful scenes thanks to a feature called "rubber stamps". Stamps are completed pieces of artwork which can be added to a scene with a single keystroke.
Tux Paint can be a useful tool for creating storyboards by budding filmmakers. To do this, there needs to be stamps in Tux Paint which can draw human figures in a variety of poses and from a variety of position.
Examples of Artwork for Storyboarding
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Artwork Samples

Here are three examples of storyboarding artwork. These are human figures seen from many angles.

These are excellent samples to look at... but don't copy. Create your own original artwork and submit it to us.

Example #1 - Cartoon Solutions
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Go to Cartoon Solutions and look at one of their cartoon figures. This link takes you to a teenage boy. As you can see, the artwork is gorgeous but the boy is drawn in pieces. We need whole figures. Draw your figures as complete drawings.
Note: We are currently looking for a young person about 10 years old (rather than a teenager.) Can you please create a young person (boy or girl) about 10 years old who is intellegent and curious? And in the same style, we also need an older person who is very wise and drawn with the same style as the young person.
Example #2 - Storyboard Quick
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A 2D storyboarding program that includes artwork (characters, locations and props)
Go to Storyboard Quick to see the basic information about this program. There is also a QuickTime [1] which demonstrates this program. (You get extremely useful information.)
Useful visualizing program

Highly Recommended by Robert Elliott

FrameForge 3D Studio Demo version
When drawing 2D human figures, it is often useful to have a model (human figure) to draw from. FrameForge 3D gives you this ability. You can download the demo version of FrameForge 3D Studio which works for 20 times and has other minor limitations.
Fantastic Learning Tool
If you are interested in learning about 3D storyboarding, learning about camera lenses and learning about directing actors, etc., you will find that FrameForge 3D Studio is absolutely fascinating. It is one of the most highly recommended programs for learning filmmaking. Since it has a FREE working demo version, I highly recommend you try it. (Please tell them that your middle name is "WikiU" so they know that you are working with Wikiversity.)
Other useful resources

The 3D-software package Blender has a great tutorial on storyboarding on its wiki. Did you know Blender is not only free (as in free beer), but is open source software as well (free as in free speech) and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

What do we need from you?
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Your Assignment

To turn Tux Paint into a useful storyboarding tool, we need you to create views of human figures.
Currently, we need both a Young Person (age 10 to 12) and a very wise person.
For each of these figure we need three to five basic poses. If you wish, we also need the same models with the camera looking up and looking down for a total of 15 illustratons (or more.)
The Five Basic Poses
Drawing the figure from five different angles.

The five basic poses that we need are:

  • Front
  • 30 degrees to the side
  • Profile (turned to the side)
  • Back
  • Back at a 45 degree
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Do not copy
Please do not copy artwork. We need original artwork that you created.