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Tutorials[edit | edit source]

About[edit | edit source]

This unit offers 6 x 2-hour tutorials on several commonly-taught and applied topics within social psychology. The tutorials also aim to provide assistance to students for completing the assessment tasks.

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Tutorial outline/overview[edit | edit source]

  1. Introduction: In the first tutorial, we will discuss the tutorial process and content, start learning names and get to know one another via some icebreakers. Students define social psychology and concept map what they know and don't know about social psychology, then work in small groups to build a collective understanding.
  2. Communication & Relationships: This tutorial looks at our social self and dyadic relationships. We will share information about the groups to which we belong and consider how these group memberships may affect who we consider ourselves to be. Several activities which focus on interpersonal communication will also be conducted.
  3. Prejudice, Aggression, & Genocide: Following the lecture viewing of "Ghosts of Rwanda", we will watch Jane Elliot's "The Australian Eye" in this tutorial, and then work to map and discuss examples of social psychological principles in action in these two movies.
  4. Cross-cultural Training: This tutorial will examine the concept of culture shock, its stages, and ways in which people can be trained to better handle cross-cultural situations using experiential methods. Cultural Mapping, a technique used in the EXCEL cross-training program will be introduced and practiced.
  5. Australian Zeitgeist: Will examine Hugh Mackay's analysis of the mind and mood of Australia via listening to and discussing his recent Manning Clark Lecture, "Social Disengagement: A Breeding Ground for Fundamentalism". In small groups, students will work to come up with action plans for combatting the social ills which Mackay diagnoses as problems for Australia.
  6. Assessment Workshop: This tutorial will be dedicated to working on student essay, e-porfolio, and exam preparation.

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